“I feel like someone breathed new air into my lungs. I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am Divergent.”

Make me choose between
Anonymous asked me: Paul or Ian


I mean, that’s life.

#people say that this pairing is a cliche without understanding that not all cliches are wrong #a lot of times it’s not about a story, but about how it’s told #people call them cheesy #immature #high school love #and they say it as if it’s a bad thing #when actually that’s where the beauty lies #stefan and elena started of like that #they were cute and adorable and full of metaphor #everyone enjoyed them for a while but that kind of a story is meant for short telling, like a movie #television demands more #people say they have no build up because they got together instantly #because they were together from the beginning #people say that tension building up to a relationship is so much better #like sitting in a restaurant, waiting for your dessert, when you finally see the waiter coming up #but when you wait such a long time for your dessert the chocolate is too mushy and ice cream melted and there’s always a chance the waiter will trip in a rush to finally get it to you #the truth is that these two had more build up than any other couple in the show #it was happening within the relationship #they grew together #they fell apart together #we had our dessert in front of us the whole time and waiters kept giving us extra scoops when we weren’t even looking #honestly I think that’s harder #more demanding storytelling #to sustain a relationship from the start #to keep it a vital piece of the show even when it stops occupying more than half of your screen time #people were so busy trying to tear them down with how cheesy they are #with how they have no build up #just because it happened in a way that wasn’t shoved down our throats #it was slow #and you had to pay attention #and people missed that #seasons went by and they missed out on everything #to see how these two character grew #together and separately #how their relationship grew with them #how this couple in a teen drama show surpassed a typical HIGH SCHOOL RELATIONSHIP while still being in HIGH SCHOOL #how much stefan salvatore grew and found new meaning of life next to elena #it wasn’t that much about your typical love story it was about the GIRL and WHO she was and HOW she treated him #how much elena gilbert grew within just few episodes #how stronger she had become #smarter #more resourceful #how much these two people grew separately influenced by each other #and it was amazing to watch #how this boy had lived through so many lifetimes, full of knowledge and experience and emotions this girl still has to learn about, and yet she was one with a hand strong enough to help him get to his feet #people missed the COMPLEXITY of a relationship that had such a simple premise #these two people were in sync #working together like they share a same brain #they were partners, moving to the same rhythm #they were making selfish decisions and paid for them #they made selfless ones and paid for them more #it was warming to see this this boy who is more than 100 years old treat a 17 year old girl as his equal #not like a child #it was more warming to see him admitting there are things he learned from her #they fell so many times #and they rose #they fell apart and pulled themselves back together #it was so amazing to watch this girl love his boy without losing herself in him because he never pressured the superiority of the time he spent on this planet on her #to watch this boy love respect admire learn from this girl, lean on her without squishing her #i feel sorry for people who had missed it #who are still missing it #because i feel like this moment right here is so important for them #how becoming friends is important for the future of their possible romantic relationship #somewhere in the far future which only makes it better #they will always have this #they will always have a starting point #common ground #something to bounce off of #they’re comfortable #honest #and i can’t stress enough what a complex relationship this is #because there was so much growing #and changing #but yet they still have that something that makes them them #and it’s amazing to watch these two people fall back into their old routine after everything they’ve been through #because the possibility of not having each other in their lives doesn’t exist #and that’s what’s amazing #they’re a constant #their relationship has been building up since episode one #and it’s still building up to this day #and it will never stop